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  • Watercolours & gouache 2022

    Watercolours & gouache 2022

    Did a lot more watercolours then usual this year but I never get the full hang of it no matter how many times I try. The below set contains some more “traditional” paintings. The second set below are painting where I simply drew with the brush. I actually prefer this way of using watercolour keeping…

  • In bloom på Galleri 28s Sommarsalong i Kalmar

    In bloom på Galleri 28s Sommarsalong i Kalmar

    Så glad att jag fick med ett verk på Galleri 28s Sommarsalong. En liten olja med smak av krämig jordgubbsglass. So happy that I had a painting selected to be displayed at the Galleri 28s Summer Salon. A small oilpainting with a taste of creamy strawberry icecream.

  • Time to sum up the Apocalypse theme

    Time to sum up the Apocalypse theme

    I started playing with unnatural colours schemes in 2018 when I stopped aiming for traditional realism. It has since then developed into a theme symbolizing a feeling of existence being out of order waiting for the apocalypse. The motives often show my daughters in settings where the human behavior is modified by our culture of…

  • Art during social distancing

    Art during social distancing

    I have felt a greater urge for art during this period. The news are all filled with Corona updates and eventually it all gets to much. Living this quiet life, working from home, I am fed up with the political squabbles online. Suddenly creating art seems important and vital for our sanity and ability to…

  • National romanticism and my contemporary mood

    National romanticism and my contemporary mood

    How do we choose what we pick up and get influenced by in this huge flow of information and impressions? In my watercolour paintings during the first half of 2018 I see a flavour of national romanticism. Is it a response to the current political mood in Sweden of rising nationalism and callousness? It has…

  • Distance


    Landscapes are totally redesigned to our needs and still we feel out of place.