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Sketching Life

The last couple of years I’ve been drawing more and more from life. I’ve joined the local chapter of the Urban Sketchers Malmö and it’s been pure joy. There’s always something to draw but these are my favourite type of subjects.

Urban Sketching

Experiencing the city with a sketchbook in hand is more intense than just going for a walk. You spend 15 minutes to an hour observing the same place, what people are doing and wearing. Sketches from sketchwalks, drink & draws or travels capture not what ypu are watching but also a lot about what’s going about in your own head. Looking through an old sketchbook is really taking you back in more ways than a photo can.

People sketching

My passion is drawing people. People sketching is quick and spontaneous and I want to capture the mood, and gestures of the person in a the moment.

Doing homework in bed.

At the public library a man reads a newspaper standing in front of the large windows. I liked the idea of having the tree with the paper made from it.

Sketching at events

Sketching at events is another way of experiencing what is going on around me. I become an observer more than a participant trying to capture the atmosphere and the details that catch the eye.

People sitting outside the gallery Rum för serier where there was a Drink & Draw event. Friisgatan – Malmö

Artists at the Malmö festival 2023.

Demonstration against the oppression of women in Iran. Malmö september 2023.

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