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Tag: oilpainting

  • My Two Peppers Painting

    My Two Peppers Painting

    Finally finished a small oil of my daughters where I tried very different colours than my usual ones. The first base sketch was made with acrylics and I haven’t completely covered it with oils. I wasn’t pleased with the face of my youngest to the right so I repainted it to make it look like…

  • Portrait With Headphones

    Portrait With Headphones

    Finished the oil portrait of my youngest daughter. Had a really hard time to get her right eye to match the left in colour and proportion. The detail photo was shot indoors so it turned out a bit yellow but that is the final eye. I used Burnt Sienna, Cobolt and Ultramarine Blue. Yellow Ochre…

  • New Painting On The Easel

    New Painting On The Easel

    I started with acrylics but I can’t make that medium work for me. It is still work in progress.

  • Oil Sketch On Paper – A Portrait Of My Daughter

    Oil Sketch On Paper – A Portrait Of My Daughter

    Finally finished an oil sketch that I started during summer. I used a photo as reference for shadows and proportions. I prefer prepared paper to boards to paint on but they are a pain to frame. I will have to glue it to an acid free board using acid free glue. Here are some progress…

  • Painting On The Porch Summer 2014

    Painting On The Porch Summer 2014

    As last year I took out my easel to the porch enjoying the warm and light evenings. Here in the post are progression shots of a newly finished painting of my two daughters.  I take photos during the process. I think sometimes it is easier to spot things I’m not pleased with looking at an image rather…