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Tag: oilpainting

  • Time to sum up the Apocalypse theme

    Time to sum up the Apocalypse theme

    I started playing with unnatural colours schemes in 2018 when I stopped aiming for traditional realism. It has since then developed into a theme symbolizing a feeling of existence being out of order waiting for the apocalypse. The motives often show my daughters in settings where the human behavior is modified by our culture of…

  • Distance


    Landscapes are totally redesigned to our needs and still we feel out of place.

  • Orange Is Always Right

    I was not happy with my latest finished oil portrait except for the elbow. The face just didn’t have the same light and as a portrait it was bad, bad ,bad. I sometimes part the painting in four parts and check if there is something interesting for the eye in each part. It failed that…

  • Alla Prima Portrait On Paper

    Alla Prima Portrait On Paper

    I had some left over paint on the palette and did a quick alla prima portrait on gessoed watercolour paper.  

  • Work In Progress – Getting Inspiration From Bad Photos

    Work In Progress – Getting Inspiration From Bad Photos

    Since my kids rarely agree to model for me I often have to resort to photos. (I don’t use bribes. That wouldn’t feel like good parenting). I think a bad photo can be an excellent trigger for an interesting painting. The subject in a perfect photo is probably better left as a photo and using something…

  • Selfportrait


    I haven’t done a selfportrait in oil for years but I got tired of painting from photos ( my kids won’t sit still for very long).  With a mirror it’s easier to leave out the worst wrinkles and sharp shadows. When I paint from photos I focus to much on details.   I’m not a redhead.…