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Category: Paintings

  • Time to sum up the Apocalypse theme

    Time to sum up the Apocalypse theme

    I started playing with unnatural colours schemes in 2018 when I stopped aiming for traditional realism. It has since then developed into a theme symbolizing a feeling of existence being out of order waiting for the apocalypse. The motives often show my daughters in settings where the human behavior is modified by our culture of…

  • National romanticism and my contemporary mood

    National romanticism and my contemporary mood

    How do we choose what we pick up and get influenced by in this huge flow of information and impressions? In my watercolour paintings during the first half of 2018 I see a flavour of national romanticism. Is it a response to the current political mood in Sweden of rising nationalism and callousness? It has…

  • Distance


    Landscapes are totally redesigned to our needs and still we feel out of place.

  • Just A Day At The Beach

    Just A Day At The Beach

    So many horrible incidences have happened in such a short time that one’s own ordinary everyday life feels surreal. Like a thin layer of varnish over chaos. I brought a sketchpad and an ink pen with me to the beach. Back home I used the black and white sketches of my daughter digging in the…

  • My Best Watercolour This Year Or Even Ever

    One way to get my daughter to pose is just sitting accidentally opposite her when she is drawing or painting. I wanted to paint a watercolour focusing in improving my use of contrast and reds for flesh tones. First I sketched in cadmium yellow to get the proportions. A flat brush is used for background…

  • Orange Is Always Right

    I was not happy with my latest finished oil portrait except for the elbow. The face just didn’t have the same light and as a portrait it was bad, bad ,bad. I sometimes part the painting in four parts and check if there is something interesting for the eye in each part. It failed that…