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Tag: watercolour

  • Just A Day At The Beach

    Just A Day At The Beach

    So many horrible incidences have happened in such a short time that one’s own ordinary everyday life feels surreal. Like a thin layer of varnish over chaos. I brought a sketchpad and an ink pen with me to the beach. Back home I used the black and white sketches of my daughter digging in the…

  • Jimi Hendrix Watercolour

    Jimi Hendrix Watercolour

    As long as I can remember I have been a fan of Hendrix. My father, a guitarist, would play his records over and over and then as a teenager so did I.  

  • My Best Watercolour This Year Or Even Ever

    One way to get my daughter to pose is just sitting accidentally opposite her when she is drawing or painting. I wanted to paint a watercolour focusing in improving my use of contrast and reds for flesh tones. First I sketched in cadmium yellow to get the proportions. A flat brush is used for background…

  • Watercolour Freestyle

    Watercolour Freestyle

    After struggling a while with oil I felt like doing very free watercolours and do almost abstract portraits. It is easier to dare with watercolours.  

  • Cyd Charisse Inspired Dancer In Watercolour

    Cyd Charisse Inspired Dancer In Watercolour

    My best work in 2014 so far :). A very loose watercolour and ink painting with some lined details from a photo of Cyd Charisse.     Here’s some progress shots. Sorry for the poor quality, but they were taken for my Instagram account after sunset.