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Tag: pencil

  • New Drawings Added To Shop

    New Drawings Added To Shop

    Two mixed media drawings done in gouache, pencil and ink has been added to the shop. Both drawings are of Aisha and Guillaume. Two of the main characters of Guillaume’s Rambling Ride.  

  • Drawing Heads

    Drawing Heads

    Still doing heads.. Drawn with graphite pencil, two blue and two brown pencils.  

  • This Ship Needs No Pilot – Sketch

    This Ship Needs No Pilot – Sketch

    I’m currently into pipes and middleaged women with weathered faces. Sketched in pencil and coloured with promarkers and coloured pencils.

  • More Freeconomics…

    More Freeconomics…

    …I seem to be mentally stuck on this theme. Also introducing the butterfly effect. A butterfly as big as an elephant.

  • Thinking About Freeconomics

    Thinking About Freeconomics

    When things get cheap to produce they are given away to get us to buy something else. Free discspace , mobile phones etc. Chris Anderson wrote an article about it a couple of years ago It was a interesting theme to doodle around. When it’s free/cheap we begin to waste it. That could mean two things either…

  • Working On Another Paperdoll

    Working On Another Paperdoll

    I loved playing with paper dolls as a child and draw new outfits. This week I got inspired by my seven year old daughter and made this doll.  The sketchy look is intended. I like when you can see it is hand drawn and I used the same style as my “Recycled” drawings. A little preview: