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Malmö’s Burning / Malmö Brinner

Had a great time at the opening of the exhibition Malmö’s Burning (Malmö brinner)  at Moderna Museet in Malmö. I am participating with a piece called “As I please”  (som jag vill).

It is a 1,5 x 1,5 m mixed media painting, drawing & paperdoll thingy. Not my regular piece of art at all. The subject is a throwback to my teenage years but also a critique perhaps. We felt quite revolutionary in those days but in the light of the generations before us and those after us, we were quite lame I think. Born into one of the most well off post war decades what cause did I have to revolt properly? With a right to vote, freedom of movement and thought, access to flat, job and education what were we protesting?

Link to Moderna Museet’s page about the exhibition.


Det blev ett lyckat vernissage av utställningen Malmö Brinner på Moderna Museet i Malmö. Jag deltar med ett verk kallat “som jag vill”.

Det är en 1,5 x,1,5 m mixed media, måleri, teckning & klippedocka-grej. Inte min vanliga teknik precis. Ämnet är en tillbakablick på tonåren men kanske också en kritik. Vi kände oss ganska revolutionära på den tiden men jämfört med generationen före och efter oss var vi ganska beskedliga. Född i en av de rikaste efterkrigsgenerationerna vad hade jag för anledning att revoltera? Med rätten att rösta, rörelse och tankefrihet, tillgång till bostad, arbete och utbildning protesterade vi mot vad?

Länk till Moderna Museets sida om utställningen.



Two pages…

Two pages in my sketchbook. Pencil, ink and watercolour.






Everything is just pure madness. This is quite a large ink painting on watercolour paper. I really enjoyed inking at this scale and I will hopefully do some more. A would love to make a series of mad women. Because it is what we ought to be.


“Scream” Ink by Maria Tomczak

"Scream" Ink by Maria Tomczak

Inktober 2016

Not much done during inktober this year. I wasn’t really inspired to do black and white stuff. That inspiration has come now in november instead.


Inktober 2015

This year’s Inktober I aimed for strictly black and white without pencils. I kept away from pencils but could not help but add some colour on the last ones. The nicest thing about Inktober is that I can compare to previous year and see some development. Click on the images to see a larger file.