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Brush And Pen Making

It is in the middle of inktober and  should be inking away. Most days I’m too tired to focus so a couple of days ago I fooled around with pieces of bamboo from my garden. I cut one as a pen  and took some of my hair to make a brush with another piece. I have curly hair which is just as difficult to control on the end of a stick as on my head.

Some Not So Waterproof Inked Film Noir And A Face

Did these two drawings in december. The half figure is going in the direction I’m aiming for but the ink wasn’t as waterproof as I need it to be. I’ve tried painting with watercolour first then inking but the ink lines become less fluid, hesitant and I tend to do less black areas which gives a more dull impression.

I have to find a way of getting waterproof ink.

filmnoir ink watercolour face ink watercolour

Inspiring Inking

 Here’s some images that I find inspirational when I’m about to ink.

Bill Sienkiewicz has a black & white gallery. Here’s his “Vampire”. I love the energy in the strokes.


Another of my absolute favourites is Neville Colvin. On www.comicartfans.com one can look at high resolution scans of several of Colvins panels.










Here’s the link to this particular strip: http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=699726&GSub=106509

I especially enjoy the line of Modesty’s nose, the thick lines in her hair as if made with a flat brush and the rythm created by thin parallell lines and flowing thick strokes.

All things are supposed to come in three but not tonight…