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A Dress for a Arachnean Female

Did some sketches of outfits that I would like to wear but do not dare. I like the way this one turned out. It’s done with coloured pencils in my sketch book. She could be a comics character; killing villains in secret by sending them black boxes with poison gas or spiders or something. The dress is far too nice to be given to a bad character….

Arachnean Fashion

Make Comics Not War on my handpainted Tee

If all generals had their own webcomic with weekly updates this planet would probably be a lot nicer to live on.

I’ve had some fun making my own handpainted T-shirts. So far one for my daughter and one for me. I used pens for a central drawing and then paint to splash all over.

First I sketched with a pencil in a way that I won’t mind if it doesn’t wash away. I then used Giotto Decor textile  and Milan textile pens. It’s hard to get a clean sharp line and the felt tip gets looses fibres quite quick.  I used Panduro’s Palette to paint with. It’s thick and nice like gouache but I diluted it with water to make it easier to get that Pollock effect. The effect I ended up with was a bleed. It’s really difficult to get it to mix with water. My next project will probably exclude the pens and water and just use the paint as ink.