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About painting, drawing and sketching…

  • sCREAM!!!


    Everything is just pure madness. This is quite a large ink painting on watercolour paper. I really enjoyed inking at this scale and I will hopefully do some more. A would love to make a series of mad women. Because it is what we ought to be.

  • Watercolour from last year

    Watercolour from last year

    So I have turned to making more realistic watercolours. Not really happy with that but I am not sure who is in charge. My last oilpainting went in the totally opposite direction which was not what I wanted either.  

  • Inktober 2016

    Inktober 2016

    Not much done during inktober this year. I wasn’t really inspired to do black and white stuff. That inspiration has come now in november instead.  

  • Trauma Queen

    Trauma Queen

    I have no comment on the election of Trump and the current rise of fascism and inhumanity than this.

  • After globalism comes …

    After globalism comes …

    This is far from a scientific article and it has a swedish outlook. I make no claims of knowing what I am talking about. This is more of an internal discussion put down in binaries. It seems to me we are experiencing the times where old ideas die and new ones should be born.  Sovjet style communism…

  • Just A Day At The Beach

    Just A Day At The Beach

    So many horrible incidences have happened in such a short time that one’s own ordinary everyday life feels surreal. Like a thin layer of varnish over chaos. I brought a sketchpad and an ink pen with me to the beach. Back home I used the black and white sketches of my daughter digging in the…