Monthly Archives: April 2016

Digital Sketches Using Sketchbook Pro

Remembered these “old” digital sketches that I really like. I would like to paint them but can’t decide if oil or watercolour would be best.  Iwould also like to have proper photo references for the poses but children’s patience has limits.

I use Sketchbook Pro on a Galaxy Note. The pen is fine but the brushes are not so easy to work with. I can’t imitate watercolour or any other media really.

My Best Watercolour This Year Or Even Ever

One way to get my daughter to pose is just sitting accidentally opposite her when she is drawing or painting.

I wanted to paint a watercolour focusing in improving my use of contrast and reds for flesh tones. First I sketched in cadmium yellow to get the proportions. A flat brush is used for background and hair then adding strokes with a round brush in her hair.