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Month: May 2015

  • Portrait With Headphones

    Portrait With Headphones

    Finished the oil portrait of my youngest daughter. Had a really hard time to get her right eye to match the left in colour and proportion. The detail photo was shot indoors so it turned out a bit yellow but that is the final eye. I used Burnt Sienna, Cobolt and Ultramarine Blue. Yellow Ochre…

  • The Easel Is Back On The Porch

    The Easel Is Back On The Porch

    This spring is much colder than last year but I am an optimist so I have carried the easel out to the porch. Painting in daylight beats indoors anytime but it is almost too cold to keep dexterity. I have had two good days this month and worked on two oilpaintings, both repaints on top…

  • Becoming Friends With Oilpastels

    Becoming Friends With Oilpastels

    I have tried oilpastels a few times over the years but never quite fell for it. ┬áBut this time it worked out ok. The secret is to be generous with the paint and have a rough surface. Then it feels almost like painting. It is easy to work over an area several times to get…