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Painting On The Porch Summer 2014

As last year I took out my easel to the porch enjoying the warm and light evenings. Here in the post are progression shots of a newly finished painting of my two daughters.  I take photos during the process. I think sometimes it is easier to spot things I’m not pleased with looking at an image rather that the actual painting.


The sketch was made with a lump of burnt wood I found at the beach.




Then I painted the background and dark areas (burnt umber) with a broad brush trying not to bother about details.

oil painting portrait


Adding flesh tones ( raw sienna, cadmium red, yellow ochre and titanium white)




Painted the clothes and messed up their faces loosing contrast. For the girls hair I used the same colours as for the skin plus the burnt umber and some cadmium yellow with titanium white for the sun bleached blond strands.



The second and final painting of the background. The sky is mostly cobalt blue and titanium white with some cadmium red and cobalt close to the horizon. I used the blue on the clothes as well on left pants and the blue t-shirt.



I really had to contain myself not to put in too much detail but focus on the areas of dark and light and it actually is a good way of achieving resemblance.







The finished painting.

oil painting girls on beach