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freeconomics 150

Thinking About Freeconomics

When things get cheap to produce they are given away to get us to buy something else. Free discspace , mobile phones etc.

Chris Anderson wrote an article about it a couple of years ago

It was a interesting theme to doodle around.
When it’s free/cheap we begin to waste it. That could mean two things either we are not careful to discern what we use it for since we can get more or it is easy to throw it away as we can get a new one without to much effort.

Cheap is relative. H&M clothes are cheap for me to buy but hardly for the person making them. The same goes for food. Keeping clothes cheap depends on keeping people in  poverty in some, relative to the market, distant country.

 freeconomics 150

It might seem weird that I classified money as abundant. But in a rich country you could easily say it is and the obvious consequence is that we give it a way for free. Social welfare, state subsidies in all forms is examples of how we give money away for free. (not saying this is wrong)






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