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Tag: watercolour

  • Watercolours & gouache 2022

    Watercolours & gouache 2022

    Did a lot more watercolours then usual this year but I never get the full hang of it no matter how many times I try. The below set contains some more “traditional” paintings. The second set below are painting where I simply drew with the brush. I actually prefer this way of using watercolour keeping…

  • National romanticism and my contemporary mood

    National romanticism and my contemporary mood

    How do we choose what we pick up and get influenced by in this huge flow of information and impressions? In my watercolour paintings during the first half of 2018 I see a flavour of national romanticism. Is it a response to the current political mood in Sweden of rising nationalism and callousness? It has…

  • A very short story

    A very short story

    She is standing on the porch. The wind is cool against her cheeks and moves her hair. She watches the garden in front of her with the lawn and the flowers. But the wind wants her attention. Nagging. It comes with the intent to unsettle. She looks up and the grey clouds cover the whole…

  • Two pages…

    Two pages…

    Two pages in my sketchbook. Pencil, ink and watercolour.        

  • Watercolour from last year

    Watercolour from last year

    So I have turned to making more realistic watercolours. Not really happy with that but I am not sure who is in charge. My last oilpainting went in the totally opposite direction which was not what I wanted either.  

  • Trauma Queen

    Trauma Queen

    I have no comment on the election of Trump and the current rise of fascism and inhumanity than this.