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Work In Progress – Getting Inspiration From Bad Photos

Since my kids rarely agree to model for me I often have to resort to photos. (I don’t use bribes. That wouldn’t feel like good parenting). I think a bad photo can be an excellent trigger for an interesting painting. The subject in a perfect photo is probably better left as a photo and using something you are not content with will to my experience leave more room for my own creativity.

I started this oilsketch from an out of focus badly lit photo of my youngest daughter sitting on the kitchen floor. I liked the pose, the reflected light from the floor and the limited palette.

I used titanium and zink white, cadmium red, cadmium yellow, terra di sienna and black..and a small touch of blue. It is painted on paper.



I haven’t done a selfportrait in oil for years but I got tired of painting from photos ( my kids won’t sit still for very long).  With a mirror it’s easier to leave out the worst wrinkles and sharp shadows. When I paint from photos I focus to much on details.



I’m not a redhead. I’m just fond of Terra di Sienna. Below is the image of the end result.



My Two Peppers Painting

Finally finished a small oil of my daughters where I tried very different colours than my usual ones. The first base sketch was made with acrylics and I haven’t completely covered it with oils.
I wasn’t pleased with the face of my youngest to the right so I repainted it to make it look like her and not a doll. As the painting has been put aside for a while I have been afraid to continue as my way of painting might have changed and the palette as well. I wanted to keep the sketchy look and not go into details.



Portrait With Headphones

Finished the oil portrait of my youngest daughter. Had a really hard time to get her right eye to match the left in colour and proportion. The detail photo was shot indoors so it turned out a bit yellow but that is the final eye. I used Burnt Sienna, Cobolt and Ultramarine Blue. Yellow Ochre and Cadmium red with Titanium white for the skin.