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Orange Is Always Right

I was not happy with my latest finished oil portrait except for the elbow. The face just didn’t have the same light and as a portrait it was bad, bad ,bad. I sometimes part the painting in four parts and check if there is something interesting for the eye in each part. It failed that test as well.

In my world adding orange will make most thing better. So I did just that and repainted the face as well and made her ear smaller.  


orange painting

Why It Was Necessary To Make A Point

Sometimes you do not know why you do things and sometimes you do.

I’ve done a drawing which did not end up centered. The emptiness of the upper right corner drew attention to itself. There was something missing at a specific point. So I decided to make a point – an orange one. I wanted it to be distinct so I made a collage.

It, the point, is irritating and steals the attention. It turned out quite annoying to look at.

Pencils, watercolour and promarkers (face and background) and collage.

Anyway – the drawing is for sale at The Stuff Store

A Dress for a Arachnean Female

Did some sketches of outfits that I would like to wear but do not dare. I like the way this one turned out. It’s done with coloured pencils in my sketch book. She could be a comics character; killing villains in secret by sending them black boxes with poison gas or spiders or something. The dress is far too nice to be given to a bad character….

Arachnean Fashion