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Guillaume's Rambling Ride page54

Finally an Update for Guillaume’s Rambling Ride

The comic has been on hold for quite a while. It has been a whole year since the last update. I’ve planned for a while to start doing the pages digitally but never felt totally comfortable with the inking part. After discovering Inkscape I’m optimistic. So for page 54 I decided to do a simple landscape. The ship flying over this icy planet with orange lakes.

My first try was in a painterly style. I didn’t like it at all and realized I had to think a bit more about which style could work for me without the traditional tools.  I always felt there is a strong connection between comic art and japanese woodprints. If I was to do a print how would I do the black line art? Just a black sky with some lines and speechbubbles. I did them in Inkscape saved the image as a pdf to be able to open the file in a non vector based image editor. Then I simply painted the orange water and some white stars and snowy mountain chains. The image of the ship is from one of the flashmovies in the beginning.

I’m to tired tonight to actually update the comic itself as it’s not published with the help of wordpress but here’s the final image.

Guillaume's Rambling Ride page54