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W.I.P – Acrylic Work In Progress

For long I have wanted to do line art in larger format using acrylics instead of ink. Here follows a description how I did.

I’m trying to develop a habit of sketching one or more half or full body poses daily. As my daughters can’t be still more than 60 sec I have resorted to images in fashion magazines. I don’t care about likeness just the pose and proportions.

I decided to use this sketch for an acrylics painting. Her pose was natural and not to silly as many fashion poses are.



I have painted two layers of white gesso on masonite boards which can be used for acrylics or oil painting. I then used watercolour pencils to sketch. I usually start with yellow just to do basic lines  then draw the final shapes in orange or red. On this board I used light green.


I wasn’t satistfied with the left eye so i simply smeared it away with a damp sponge. The pigment of the watercolour pencils can’t be removed so I do a light wash with it over the left part of face.


Then it’s easy to redraw the eye until I’m satisfied.

Next step was to “ink” the lines using mixed black and ultramarine acrylics and diluting it with water until I could get the paint flowing from the brush the way I wanted. I used a much larger brush than when drawing with ink on paper so I tried out a couple of brushes until i was satified being able to get both a finer line and a thick one. For the facial details I used a finer brush. It’s good to try out some strokes on a paper to get the proper flow and test the thickness of the paint.

This is the current state of the painting. For the moment I’m thinking of adding some lime coloured background. I don’t want to add to much colour.



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